Readings Disclaimer

Kristina’s Readings ( are strictly confidential, upon requesting a Reading by Kristina the Client acknowledges full payment for the Reading (non-refundable) and is aware that any advice or guidance provided during conversation is based on what the client discloses during the conversation and therefore the Reading will reflect this and what Kristina is able to interpret and sense from the client. The contents of the conversation between Kristina and the Client is open to interpretation by the Client, Kristina’s Readings are not to be taken literally or for fact. The client understands that they are liable and accountable for their own actions, future and understanding of the Reading given and all conversation that is exchanged.

Privacy Policy

Personal information obtained through website is for the purposes of identifying you and processing sales transactions only. Maintaining and using this information responsibly is of upmost importance, we do not sell, rent or share your personal information with any other third parties.

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Whatever your experience level, the psychic readings I can provide can help you to get closer to understanding your position in the world and in the wider cosmos.

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