Throughout history, there have been people who have been gifted with second sight ( the ability to look into the future and predict events before they happen).  The American seer- Edward Cayce predicted that ruins dating back to the time of Atlantis would be discovered off the Island of Bimani, in the Bahamas and these ruins were discovered.  He also predicted earthquake activity affecting most of the planet, and Rampa wrote of coming earth changes that will alter the world map!  Nostradamus predicted great earthquakes causing devastation to every country.

Of all the predictions about the years ahead, two things standout- That there will be wide spread natural disasters affecting our planet and another World War.

A series of natural disasters will herald major changes to our Earth.  From far out in space a vast comet will come and pass close to Earth causing it to wobble in its orbit.  This event is going to cause the world to be in chaos.   The natural disasters will have a Karmic reason behind them- What countries have caused crimes against humanity? These countries will suffer the most.  Which countries have suppressed their native population? – These countries will pay their Karmic debt.

A military coup in Russia will see the country return to hard line communism – a military Junta will be in control of the government- they will quickly re-arm. The states of the old soviet union that had declared their independence will be over run by the new Russian army and will then be subjected to Moscow.

So the current war between Russia and Ukraine is just the beginning of what will take a turn for the worst- leading to a financial crash that will then lead to worldwide depression and civil unrest in England, France, Germany and Spain.  There will be food riots in Italy.  The new Russian leadership will seek advantage of the chaos in Europe and will incite the Arab world armed with modern Russian weapons three million men will attack Israel who will respond with nuclear weapons- war will rage over biblical lands……. more Arab countries will become involved and the war will quickly escalate.  Western countries will help Israel while Russia will continue to support the Arab nations.

The stage is set for an East-West confrontation.  Sanity will not prevail- Russia will launch a series of nuclear strikes against North America, Canada and Western Europe.  The prelude to WWIII has begun.  Russian armies will sweep through Europe and invade Italy- the red flag will fly from the highest point of the Vatican.  The Russian armies will sweep all before them- our western allies will be fighting for their very existence.

You have been reading extracts from my book ‘The Hidden Side’.

copy right : Kristina Martin.