The Difference Between Female And Male Intuition

The Difference Between Female And Male Intuition

Yes, we all have intuition, but a man can never think exactly like a woman and vise versa.  The reason for this is because each brain is wired differently.  There are differences in both brain structures that explain the different behaviour patterns in males and females.  The male predominately uses the left side of the brain and the female predominately uses the right side.  The male brain is larger than the female brain and has a higher amount of brain cells, but less connectivity between the cells.  These are the physical differences, but there are others that are not physical.

Women use the psychic sensitive part of the brain, which explains ‘female intuition’ while men use the logical, inventive part of the brain, which make men more single-minded and decisive. Women are better human subjects than men, because women plug in to the better brain terminals; things like compassion, care, consideration and communication, while men, they plug into things like: aggression, revenge, cunning and dishonesty. Sure, women use these male terminals too, but usually the worst parts of human behaviour belong to the male.

Women cannot deny their conscience and always when they are doing the wrong thing. Men, however,  sometimes act as if a conscience does exist. This makes men more inclined to take a life; murder.  Biologically, there are also differences.  Females were put on earth to have children, of cause, this is a matter of choice and some can’t, but by and large this mothering attitude is what makes  girls and boys think differently.

You can most certainly develop your intuition, by learning to focus on your gut feelings and opening your third eye.  Meditation helps you to tune into your inner voice and access guidance, ask a question and listen for the answer, when you meditate in the silence you can reach a state of heightened awareness.

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