Feng Shui

Ancient, age-less concepts, applied to modern life

Feng Shui Consultancy

Understanding of Feng Shui – the concept of harmonising a space and the self with the natural energy of the earth – can be traced back many millennia. Literally meaning ‘wind’ and ‘water’ in Mandarin Chinese, Feng Shui can energise your home, your office, your property, your workplace, your car, your garden, or even yourself, optimising it and helping you achieve the best results.

What sort of results am I referring to? Well, by tuning in to the power of feng shui, and by being aware of the different concepts and requirements relating to it, you will be connecting yourself with a wealth of benefits.

Implementing feng shui practices in your life can provide you with any of the following;

  • Enhanced health
  • Improved personal, familial and romantic relationships
  • Increased creativity and wisdom
  • Strengthened reputation

Ready to begin? Let’s examine what a feng shui consultation looks like.

In order to achieve the right results for your home, yourself and your space, I first need to understand you. This means spending between 30 and 60 minutes on a questionnaire, getting to know more about you and discussing your requirements.

This will be followed by a second consultation, during which we can apply the approaches and the changes we have discussed. This is a highly variable procedure, and may take only one hour, or up to four hours, depending on how much we need to accomplish.

The feng shui consultation processes does not end here. In order to assess that the changes have taken effect, and to understand if any further change needs to take place, we will hold follow up assessments around twelve months after the second consultation. These assessments should be relatively short, and will only last around 15 to 20 minutes.

My Background

So, why choose me? Well, I am an experienced feng shui practitioner and have been plying my trade in homes, businesses, interior and exterior spaces, and with individuals for many years. This is my passion, but it is more than this – it is my calling and my gift, and I have developed a keen understanding of how to put this gift to good use when helping the people around me.

But what about my professional background? My creativity and ability to think outside of the box led me down the design career path, and I have excelled as both a fashion designer and an interior designer. In order to get the best results for my clients in both fields, I applied my knowledge of feng shui and understanding of positive energy flow to each project I became involved with.

This is the experience, the background, and the benefit, I can bring to you.