What Should a Client Expect

What Should a Client Expect?

The changes that we implement as part of the feng shui consultation – particularly in the second stage – can take many forms. On this page, I seek to walk you through some of these changes and their implementation, giving you the lowdown on what you should expect as part of our feng shui service.

Analysis of directions using a compass

Effective feng shui reorganisation works with the natural energy of the earth, which requires a certain understanding of the position of your space or of the self on this earth. To examine this, feng shui practitioners use a special compass, also referred to in Mandarin as a luopan compass.

Five element diagnoses

To plan and implement changes in your life, workplace or home, we need to diagnose the interplay of the Five Elements, or Wu Xing. These are water (shui), wood (mu), fire (huo), earth (tu) and metal (jin).

Analysis of Geopathic Stress Zones and Electromagnetic Fields

Much of feng shui involves creating a flow of energy across a space or a body. This requires, first, the identification and analysis of areas of energy conflict and of the fields of natural electromagnetic energy acting on the subject.

Building Placement and Design

When working with a building, the location and the layout are vital to identifying the right changes to be made.

Comprehensive Report on Corrections

I will provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing the changes which have been implemented, and their effects.

Traditional Cures

When dealing with the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of an individual, we can administer a range of traditional cures aimed at bringing these into balance.

Swimming Pool Shape and Placement

Both the physical dimensions and the placement of a swimming pool are vital. The consultation will help you to achieve perfection in both these areas, as well as optimal energy flow.

Commercial Walkways and Traffic Assessment

Businesses – particularly businesses operating in the retail sector – sink or swim by their commercial traffic. Our consultation can analyse how the flow of positive energy can boost your business.

Interior Design

Whether you are working with a commercial property, a residential property, or another interior space, getting the design, layout and placement right is essential. This portion of the consultation is designed to achieve this.

Merchandising Placement

Merchandisers and vendors need to have the right products in the right places to optimise their chances for a sale, but there is more to this than meets the eye. Through feng shui consultation, we can get the right results for your business.