Relationships: We cannot escape the need for them

Whether lover, friend, mate, parent, child, employer, employee or even foe, life is a series of relationships.  Most people desire that special someone to share their life with, therefore it’s no surprise that this topic is frequently asked about.  

Our lives are pre-destined, they are written in the wind (so to speak) I’m sure everyone’s heard the phrase ‘meant to be’.  Our thought process is what brings about our lives.  What you think you gradually become.

Human beings need a stable platform to liberate themselves from misery. When this is achieved life will be grand.  If human beings experience life beyond one’s physical nature, the need for conquest, conflict and violence shall not exist.

We are all here to learn and grow spiritually.  Too many people have a high importance of themselves, putting themselves up on a pedestal, believing they are superior to others.  One should never be superior or inferior.  When a couple stop learning and growing together then the relationship will be torn apart, making way for someone else to help you on your journey of evolutional growth.  It doesn’t matter how many divorces someone has, the point of it all is that the spirit/soul is not being held back by someone else from spiritually learning.

We all need to change, if you are not changing then you are not growing, this is why it’s important to find a partner who is on the same spiritual level as yourself, so that you can evolve together (hopefully).

Conflict often occurs in relationships because males and females are wired-up differently.  A male can never think exactly like a female, and vis vera.  There are differences in the brain structure that explain the different behaviour patterns.  The male predominately uses the left side and the female the right.  The male brain is larger and has a higher amount of brain cells but less connectivity between them.  Women use the psychic sensitive part of their brain which explains female intuition, while men use the logical inventive part which make them more single minded and decisive.  Women are better human subjects then men, because they plug into better brain terminals like caring, compassion, consideration, and communication.  Whilst men plug into things like aggression, revenge, being cunning, and dishonesty.  Woman can use these terminals too, but usually the worst parts of human behaviour belong to the male.  Women cannot deny their conscience, they know when they are doing the wrong thing, where as men however, can act as if a conscience doesn’t exist.  This makes men more inclined to take a life, to rape, to physically and sexually assault.

We all have a certain amount of free will, the major events in our lives are going to happen regardless.  This includes relationships, our work, our study, where we are going to live.  But the minor things can be altered.  For example, we can choose to follow our conscience or not.  We all know right from wrong, if we act against conscience we set into play certain karmic forces, we have decided to do this by our own free will and this explains why there is so much violence and abuse in the world.

Looking to astrology and the north nodes is a good way to find a compatible person for a relationship or employee.  The north nodes are points formed by the moon’s orbit around the sun, closest to the north pole.  This is called spiritual astrology.  Looking at someone’s date of birth and time of birth, can show you their personality structure, for this structure never changes.  Hence the saying “ a leopard doesn’t change its spots”.