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What is a Psychic Medium

So what is a psychic medium? Well, a psychic medium is someone whose psychic abilities are finely tuned enough to be able to communicate between the different planes of matter and existence. It takes many, many years to reach this level of psychic capability, and many cycles of the reincarnative process.

On the surface level, we communicate with one another via our physical selves. We all understand that there is a deeper communication taking place – a meeting of spirit and soul – but it is our physical selves that act as the platform and the method of communication. Going deeper, we find the spirit body – the eternal soul of an individual – and the etheric body which acts as a buffer or filter between spirit and physicality.

As a psychic medium, it is my job to tap into this spirit self, leaving behind the physical self and the earth plane and reaching out to the astral plane. This is where my abilities can give you insight into your life and the meaning of the world around you. I can help you as you seek to develop your abilities and to communicate with the otherside.

You see, the spirit body needs the physical body. Without it, and without the filtration provided by the etheric body, the spirit cannot survive in the earth plane. So, it needs the physical body, but it has a habit of becoming trapped within it.

By developing our psychic abilities, we can move beyond this, and into the realms of true understanding.


Whatever your experience level, the psychic readings I can provide can help you to get closer to understanding your position in the world and in the wider cosmos.

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