Heavenly Dance


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In this piece, the action takes place against a background of blues and whites; a cosmological basis to the painting, evoking a celestial ocean or a vast space beyond the traditional boundaries of perception. This is bordered by earth tones, which encroach upon this ocean reminding us both of the existence of these boundaries but also of their fluidity.

The foreground, etched out in white lines, is a couple. They are wrapped around one another, in an embrace, in a dance, in spiritual harmony and ecstasy, perhaps moments away from a kiss. We can recognise ourselves in these beings – we exist in this space even if it appears alien to us – and this is why the knowledge we can gain from spirituality, from psychic readings, and from a journey beyond, is so valuable.

If you would like to purchase one of my art pieces for yourself, please get in touch. I’m always eager to share my passion with kindred spirits.     


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Stock / Medium

 Acrylic on canvas


1220mm x 1225mm