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In this piece, the human figure of man and woman is somewhat hidden, evoking that place called heaven, where, many, try to attain a euphoric state of being, during intimacy. Ying and yang known as the symbol for balance and harmony, is not entirely achieved when compared to a world scale.

Emerald green, known as a healing colour, looks to be seen as our forests, crying out for love and respect.   The colour tan, flowing like rivers, polluted, dirty and flooded, the image of our external environment, which is crucial to life itself.  Heaven knows our future survival depends on being healthy.

Embracing a sun kissed glow, or, like some, taking to a bottle of spray tan, is a sure way to feel good, but remember to dispose of the bottle or can responsibly.

In the practice of Feng Shui, we not only look at the environment, the placement,  and condition of objects, we look at the state of the human body.

Acrylic on professional canvas with gold leaf       760 mm  x  912 mm