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The tiara; evokes romance from a bygone era, worn by royalty and little girls in their fairy costumes, and ballerinas on centre stage. This intricate white tiara detailed with images of a grape vine congers up visions of a party, a celebration perhaps of a wedding.  The tiara becomes the feature on the canvas.  Dare to be different, wear it as if, you do everyday.

The vineyard is a place of hard work, many years to establish and many hands used to obtain the pickings and turning into wine and champagne. A reflection also of a party or wedding, and quietly saying that marriage too requires work for continued celebration.

The long textured stokes, glide so perfectly into the shape of flowing hair, in combination with the use of pretty colours, pink and purple, that complement the silver, evoking elegance and romance.

Acrylic and fluorescent on canvas    760 mm  x  912 mm