The Artistry of the Spiritual

The Artistry of the Spiritual

Art is about inspiration. Of course, great art is a product of skill, of determination, of technical and aesthetic understanding, but without inspiration, this comes to nothing. Inspiration is the glue which holds these key elements together and makes them something more than the sum of their parts; inspiration is the fuel and the driving force which pushes art forwards.

For me, one of the greatest sources of inspiration has always been the spiritual world. The very concept of leaving your earthly body and travelling beyond, across a boundary and into another realm of enhanced understanding and spiritual knowledge is a worthy subject for art. But actually being able to make those journeys–to be able to communicate with spirit guides and access clairvoyant channels–really is something else.

This adds a whole new dimension to my artwork. Not only am I inspired conceptually and stylistically by the idea of travelling beyond our earthly plane, but these travels have become the sources of my subject matter. It is from these journeys that I can collect the imagery, colours and textures that I need to create these works which are my passion.

Without this passion, this deep love of what I do, I would be unable transmit a sense of what it is like to cross these boundaries; of what it is like on the astral plane. Of course, my work is not designed to provide documentary evidence of the other side, nor is to be taken as gospel–as a snapshot of existence beyond the plane which is already familiar to us–instead it should be taken as a hint, as a sense, of what lies beyond, and of what clairvoyants encounter when they leave their physical body for a while.

I am not the first artist to tap into the power of spirituality and clairvoyance when creating their work. Israeli artist Alexey Adonin has become renowned for his subtle balances of colour and texture which build upon one another to create an engaging and thrilling interpretation of the journeys of a spiritual medium. Legendary novelist and writer Honore de Balzac was similarly enthralled by the possibilities of spirituality, projection and clairvoyance, and it is believed that he wove these sources of inspiration into some of his best-loved pieces of work.

Applying spiritual inspiration, as well as the visions received while travelling in the astral plane, was always a likely outcome for me. Almost since birth I have felt connected to the worlds just beyond those of our physical perception; the worlds of dreams and thoughts, of spirits and profound clairvoyant communication. From an early age, I felt the power of my link with these worlds.

But I never turned my back on the physical world around us. I have maintained my fitness, deciding that honing body and mind is an important part of developing clairvoyant and spiritual power. It is this combination of the physical and the spiritual which has led me to create the sort of artworks that I do; melding spiritual inspiration with physical mediums like paint and canvas to capture the essence of the passion that drives me.

These artworks act as companion pieces to the work that I do for clients, as well as my own spiritual journeys into the world of clairvoyance and into the planes that exist outside of the corporeal boundaries of space and time. I hope that they can provide you with the same levels of enjoyment, excitement and inspiration that I experienced while creating them.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings or in gaining the insight and understanding that come from my psychic readings and clairvoyant abilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Andrew J Moore
    April 29, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Yes, I find personally that ART is something which you can’t really describe what it is, in one sentence. However I have felt that for me ART should demonstrate technical skills, be original in what it is trying to say and needs to move the viewer emotionally.
    The best thing for ART, is it’s ability to allow one, to leave their normal patterns of thoughts and ideas and to be able to access that which can’t be touched physically or expressed verbally. To be able to plug into something which can only really be satisfied by accessing your higher consciousness. This non concrete recognition and deeper understanding, is why people like to look at and view paintings and mixed media works of ART.

    The sheer, nourishment to your soul and higher real self (accessed through a painting from the spirit), is a flame the likes of which will never be extinguished. Its light shall always shine the way to a much richer and profound experience. Maybe, it is better, that we can never hope to define it, but it is there like a feeling which makes you want to be more alive and delve through the vastness of the universal mind. As we are children of the stars, this connection through art, makes us all become an even more integral part, just as the colours express all that as the divine, like a beautiful state of the whole universal being.

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