Let’s Talk About Death With A Psychic Medium

Let’s Talk About Death With A Psychic Medium


People don’t like to talk about death. Talking about death can be depressing, losing a loved one and going through the grieving process is not easy.  Psychic Mediums will tell you the truth is, there is no death of the spirit, only the body.   There is only the transition from the physical life to the spiritual one.  Religious people fear death because they have no idea where they are going after it happens.  Christians fear death because they know that they have sinned at some time or another and fully expect St. Peter to put them on the first bus to hell.  People in ancient times knew where they were going afterwards.  There is nothing to fear about death.  Death brings release from suffering and gets you a leave pass out of earth for awhile. It doesn’t matter how the body dies, the spirit will still survive.  If the physical body dies in the ocean perhaps in a submarine, the spirit withdraws from the physical body, goes upwards through the hull of the submarine, through the water element, through the air element and into the spiritual element.   All humans have what’s called a silver cord, where the spirit departs in the process we call death.

Where does the spirit go? Into the astral world.  What is that? you ask.  It’s a place like a holiday camp where we go to recover from a hard session at school.  There is no punishment there, as punishment comes to us in our next life on earth.  The astral world is where we take stock of ourselves.  It’s your decision when to return to the earth plane.  Yes, that’s right, reincarnate.You will have a reunion with loved ones who went there before you, but only with those that you were in harmony with.  You will never meet with those who were unkind to you; nobody will come along and spoil your holiday.


Under certain circumstances, it is possible to make contact with somebody in the astral world.  When we get to the other side, thoughts of our past life on Ear quickly fade into the background.  We know that we are going to reunite with those still on earth, we also know that we cannot interfere with anyone’s karma.  So, the promise to contact somebody on earth loses its importance when we arrive in the astral world.  We know that it is a parting, not goodbye forever.


People imagine that their loved ones are just hanging around as ghosts, with nothing to do all day but watch them.  A ghost is only the etheric body wandering about the area where the physical body expired.  The etheric has no reasoning power of its own and cannot harm humans. The etheric body is the image of the person who passed over into the astral world and not the person itself.  In time, the etheric body will run out of energy and cease to exist on the earth plane.


Animal survival is a fact.  Animals have their own plane.  They can choose to return to earth in another animal body or wait on the human astral plane to renew a friendship that it formed.  Humans and animals can converse on all planes of existence through telepathy.

If you had a bond of love with your animal friend, the separation is only temporary.

Peace of mind


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