How Your Puss Is Much More Than You Think

How Your Puss Is Much More Than You Think

All animals are telepathic with each other and can read the minds of humans.  Their love is unconditional, the psychological benefits of having a pet are remarkable; the changes they can make to one’s health and wellbeing can bring about a totally new person.   Animals know they are here to be of service to humans; their presence bring comfort to the dying,  calm to those who are sick, a companion to those who are lonely.  In hospitals cats will go and sit by a person dying, having someone beside them is a great help in the passing away process. When this occurs it is a way of  letting the nurses know that the person’s life is about to end. They are man’s best friend indeed, but here are some  more things you need to know…  Cats will leave a signature where they live in case they are taken from their home or are stranded somewhere, they can ‘home in’ on this signature and return home even if it takes months of travel.  If you move house, you should keep your cat inside for a few weeks to prevent it from going back to your other home. After about five days your cat will have put down a new signature,  stronger than the previous one.  Cats and dogs are very protective animals, they will let you know if something is not right.   When cats urinate on your things it is their way of showing you protection;  it’s their way of letting you know you need to be careful of someone; that their energy is not good.  If you are aware of this behaviour and understanding it can help you a great deal in your life.  If an animal doesn’t like a human, then you can be sure there is good reason. If an animal repeatedly runs away from its owner there is always good reason; it’s a sign of abuse.

The Egyptian cat is the ancestor of all cats, we all know how powerful the ancient Egyptians were.  Did you know that cats have astral sight, and can see into the fourth dimension?   If you ever notice your cat tracking an invisible object across the room, you can be sure that your cat has homed-in on something from the other world.  A remarkable animal is your friend the cat.  This is our kitten ‘Pickle’  the reincarnation of our cat ‘Noddy’ who passed away after giving us 21 years of unconditional love, we adored her and are now enjoying  much happiness that ‘pickle’ brings to our lives.

Lost Animals

I have had many people consult me to help them deal with the trauma of a missing animal; help them locate it or inform them of its return,  or not.  I’m very happy to help you, so call me if you need.

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