Having a psychic medium reading to help your mental wellbeing

Having a psychic medium reading to help your mental wellbeing

Having a psychic reading helps with one’s emotional wellbeing

A psychic medium reading is a perfect way to help you deal with your emotional wellbeing, most people describing it to be like a weight that has been lifted. Relief and clarification on matters are things to expect.  Communication with loved ones who have passed over is extremely helpful in the grieving process and also in receiving messages of guidance.

Is there a difference between a psychic and a medium and a clairvoyant? A psychic is the same as a clairvoyant, but a medium is someone who talks to dead people.  I have spoken to dead people all my life.  It’s normal for me.    What is clairvoyance?  This means “clear seeing”, but not with your ordinary sight.  The third eye, the gland in the centre of your forehead, it is the “all seeing eye”.  This sixth chakra is the site of your psychic ability.  The sixth chakra is stimulated by awareness, awareness that you have three minds, and three bodies.  Having spiritual knowledge and knowing that you will leave this place and go to somewhere much better, and involving yourself with books on the subject is a good start.  Obtaining a pack of tarot cards and learning to interpret them raises your vibration.

During a psychic medium reading you may want to contact a certain love one. I have no control over if the love one wants to communicate with you or not.  It is up to the spirit who has passed over.  In 99% of cases what happens is, the person in spirit knows who a medium is, so they guide the one who they wish to communicate with, to the medium.

All human beings have spirit guides. They will be one of your loved ones, but sometimes they are people in spirit you may not have known on the earth plane.  Always, they are for your highest good.  How do you recognise this?  One way is when something randomly pops into your head, and you had no idea where or why you thought or said it.  It’s just so random, and usually shocks you, that often doesn’t make sense immediately, but will show up later to be valuable in some way.  Yes, that’s given to you from your guide.  An example of this is automatic writing.

A psychic medium reading, is a way of receiving messages of guidance, to gain knowledge.  It has been used by royalty, movie stars and governments for centuries. I get visions, flashes that appear very quickly, showing things of importance for the person getting the reading.

And how important is having peace of mind? Along with love, it is everything.

Peace and Love,


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